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Are you ready for some positive changes in your life? Myhos is on a mission to help people discover and develop their unique existence through personal development and self awareness education.

It all starts with you knowing yourself

You and I want to be better in everything we do, be it in your personal life, your work life, career and so on, we crave for a great work-life balance and ability to enjoy life to the fullest. 

What if I told you, that no matter which one of the above you would like to have, it all starts with the same ingredient? 

That no matter what you want to achieve in life, there’s this one secret ingredient that will help you achieve it?

And this ingredient is what i call knowing your self or in other word self awareness.

Our mission at Myhos is to help you become a better version of yourself through personal development and self awareness education, tips and quizzes.

personal development

Why personal development is critical to success

The business of personal development is a lifetime process, which is why you should see it as a journey and not a destination.

You see, what you become is far more important than what you get.

The important question to ask on the job is not, What am I getting? Instead, you should ask, What am I becoming? 

Getting and becoming are so closely intertwined—what you become directly influences what you get.

Think of it this way: Most of what you have today you have attracted by becoming the person you are right now.

How can personal development help me?

It is hard to keep that which has not been obtained through personal development.

So here’s the great axiom of life:

To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are.

This is where you should focus most of your attention. Otherwise, you just might have to contend with the axiom of not changing, which is:

Unless you change how you are, you’ll always have what you’ve got.

Fall in love with these unique personal development strategies

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