Big changes are afoot this monthly horoscope of July, thanks to the Solar Eclipse in tenderhearted Cancer on July 2 and the Lunar Eclipse in hardworking Capricorn on July 16.

Under these two game-changing eclipses (plus Mercury retrograde, which runs from July 7 to July 31)

We’re called to define and redefine what success truly means. As a solar eclipse is a power-packed new moon and a lunar eclipse is a power-packed full moon, we can expect some significant beginnings and endings to be initiated this month courtesy of the cosmic weather.

Of course with communication planet Mercury retrograde for most of July (first in fiery Leo, then in emotional Cancer), we’re also called to do our due diligence when it comes to communication.

Since Mercury retrograde is a time where the frequency of misunderstandings, miscommunication, travel delays, and tech glitches is higher than usual; this month we’re asked to exercise patience, active listening skills, and to be proactive about seeking or providing clarification as needed.

With love planet Venus entering nurturing Cancer (July 3) and multiple planets entering warmhearted Leo this month, which includes the kickoff to Leo season on July 22 and a New Moon in Leo on the 31st, one thing is for certain during this moment of change – it’s time to follow our hearts.

Happy Birthday, Leo!

ARIES Monthly Horoscope For July

The return of Mars to your sign last month, where it remains for most of the month, whilst giving you more confidence also has the effect of making you even more assertive. And so busy are you that you have no time for ditherers and could be somewhat insensitive to the needs of others as a result.

Major changes are happening in your life though, so don’t let your impatience get the better of you.

During the last two years, your responsibilities where your home or family are concerned are likely to have been heavy but will now ease as Saturn moves on into Leo, which is the area of your chart connected with creativity, children, romance and fun.

You will be learning more about yourself and your potential in this respect while Saturn is here.

Hard work and disciplined action in any of these areas, even in creativity, will be rewarded in the long term. And if you are single, a serious romance may enter your life.


During the past two years or so, Saturn has been occupying the area of your chart connected with communications, education, your social life and your mobility and during this time you are likely to have felt restrictions in any of these areas or have had to learn new methods or cope with a new situation in this respect.

Now, as the New Moon enables you to make a new start in this area of your life, Saturn moves on into Leo and the area of your chart connected with home and family.

For the next two years, your responsibilities in this respect are likely to be heavier and the demands upon you where your home or your family members are concerned may be greater.

But for most of this month, Venus, your ruler, is also in Leo and your enjoyment of your home and family means you would rather relax at home than anywhere. You may also be tempted to redecorate or make your home more beautiful in some way.

GEMINI Monthly Horoscope For July

Mercury, your ruler, is in Leo for the whole month, the area of your chart connected with your communications and your social life. And with Venus here too for most of the month, your life will have an enjoyable buzz and all your communications are likely to be light, affectionate and fun.

Only after the 23rd, when Mercury turns retrograde, will you have to take care to avoid misunderstandings.

And with Saturn moving into this area of your chart, where it will stay for more than two years, all your communications and your social life will then begin to take on a more serious mien. Your everyday travel may become more restricted or undergo a change in some way, as you are called upon to learn more about yourself through this area of your life.

The very good news, though, is that any strain you have felt during the past two years, where your personal financial situation is concerned, should now ease as Saturn leaves the sign of Cancer.


For the past two years and more, Saturn has been in your sign and the personal lessons you have had to learn may have been hard, but no doubt a new you has emerged from the changes you have gone through during this time. Now Saturn moves on into Leo, the area of your chart connected with your personal finances and your property.

If you have learned how to handle sensibly this area of your life, this will not be a difficult time for you, but if you have mishandled your finances over the years, you are now likely to be forced to get your affairs in order with the result that a stronger and no doubt wealthier you will emerge by the end of this two year cycle.

In fact, the New Moon in your sign early this month gives you the opportunity to make a new start straight away – why not take it? It won’t help, of course, that Venus remains in Leo for most of the month and you have an urge to acquire things you don’t really need!


With Venus in your sign, you are likely to be feeling amiable and affectionate and ready to compromise where necessary to maintain harmonious relationships with everyone. And with Mercury here too, you will be able to easily communicate your feelings and get your point of view across.

Only in the last week of July, when Mercury turns retrograde and Venus moves on into Virgo, will you have to take care of all your communications in order to avoid misunderstandings.

And the movement of Saturn into your sign around mid-month heralds a period of just over two years when your responsibilities are likely to appear heavier and life will take on a more serious and sober aspect.

Saturn is calling upon you to learn more about yourself and your potential and from what might appear to be, at times, a tougher phase, a new and stronger you can emerge.

VIRGO Monthly Horoscope For July

Mercury, your ruler, remains in Leo for the whole of the month, as you continue to keep your own counsel, reluctant to discuss your concerns with others and, for most of the month, finding you are more inclined to reflect alone than to emerge and socialise.

And with Mercury turning retrograde in the last week of the month, you will then have to take care not to mislead others by your reluctance to speak out. In fact, with Saturn moving into Leo, you may find yourself feeling somewhat withdrawn and dwelling on what you have or have not accomplished.

This is not a good time for you to start any new projects, but rather to evaluate your progress during the last year so that you are ready to make necessary changes in a month or two when the astrological climate is more helpful.

Venus does come to your aid by moving into your sign in the last week of the month, however, encouraging you to show your affection, your amiability and your liking for the company of others.


All group activity is highlighted for you This month says your monthly horoscope of July as Venus, your ruler, spends most of the time period in Leo, enabling all your meetings to go well and adding a beneficial influence where your long term hopes and wishes are concerned.

And with Saturn moving into this area of your chart at mid-month for a two-year stay, this is a period when you will be required to co-operate with others and may face extra demands on your time in this way.

You are likely to have additional responsibilities where team workers are concerned and will need to learn how to handle them. And, of course, with Jupiter remaining in your sign until October, this continues to be a period of major growth and development for you on a personal level.

Opportunities will continue to present themselves and the key to your success will be in your ability to find the right group with whom to work. In the meantime,

Mars remains in the area of your chart connected with partners or close relationships and a refusal to compromise on the part of one or both of you may be causing some tension.


Mars, the co-ruler of your sign, remains in Aries for most of the month and your work situation is likely to be the source of some tension.

Whilst you may have much work and responsibility, you may not appear to be receiving the recognition you deserve for your efforts.

Health too, may be a source of worry at the moment, but things should improve before the end of the month, you will be glad to know. In any case, Mercury and Venus in Leo allow you to be heard by the people who matter.

People in authority should be favorably inclined towards you and most relationships in your professional life will run smoothly.

Despite the influence of Mars, you are able to work harmoniously with others and they will respond by being agreeable. And at mid-month, when Saturn moves into Leo for a two-year journey through the sector of your chart connected with your career or public image, all your previous hard work should finally start to produce a reward.

If you are ambitious and have prepared well, then this can be the time of your greatest success.

However, it can also be a time of great responsibility in your career or public life, which may put a strain on your home life, so it will important to find a balance.


After much recent emphasis in your chart where jointly owned property or shared resources are concerned, the New Moon here early in the month enables you to turn a page or make a new start in this area of your life.

And now, with Mercury and Venus in Leo, you no doubt have a desire to widen your horizons in some way, whether this is through travel or further education and you are likely to be discussing and planning such matters for most of this month.

It would be a good idea, however, to finalize any arrangements, including legal matters, before Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd, in order to avoid delays with paperwork or in your travel itinerary.

And with Saturn moving into Leo at mid-month, for a two-year stay, any long distance journeys you make during this period are then likely to be undertaken more for serious reasons or obligations than for pleasure.

CAPRICORN Monthly Horoscope For July

You had a Full Moon in your sign last month and, unusually, there is another in late July, again heralding a resolution or the finalization of some matter of importance to you personally.

And after two years of having Saturn, your ruler, in Cancer, bringing additional responsibilities where your partnership is concerned, and providing a testing time during which your close relationships were either strengthened or discarded, Saturn now moves on into Leo.

Now, and for the next two years, it is jointly owned property or shared resources which are likely to become of a more serious concern to you.

If you need money, it may be more difficult to borrow during this period, so it would be best to finalise any such negotiations before mid-month, while Venus is also in Leo and casting a beneficial influence on any joint financial efforts.

In addition, Mercury here also turns retrograde on the 23rd, so it would certainly be advantageous to get the paper-work out of the way before the likelihood of postal delays or lost documents.


With Venus in Leo for most of the month, your partnership and all your close relationships are likely to go well. Mercury is here too, helping you to have meaningful, worthwhile discussions and your ability to compromise makes for harmony and happiness with those who matter to you.

But perhaps the most important happening this month is the movement of Saturn, the co-ruler of your sign, from Cancer into Leo.

For the last two years, Saturn, in the area of your chart connected with work and health, has been making work seem very hard going and called for much discipline in your lifestyle where your health is concerned.

As Saturn moves on, the New Moon suggests that you are able to make a new start where either work or health issues are concerned. Now, however, Saturn will spend two years in the area of your chart connected with your partner or your closest relationships, bringing heavy demands and responsibilities.

During this time, strong relationships will become even stronger, whilst those that are wrong for you are likely to be ended.

PISCES Monthly Horoscope For July

Mars spends a second month in Aries and your time and energy continue to be directed towards your income and possessions, while you will vigorously defend what is yours if you perceive any threat to your ownership.

But it is your workplace or your health that is highlighted, with Mercury here enabling much worthwhile discussion and Venus ensuring good working relationships with all your colleagues.

Health is likely to be good for most of the month, your only problem is that Venus encourages over-indulgence with the accompanying problems!

But at mid-month, Saturn also moves into this area of your chart, where it will remain for the next two years. During this time, work may seem to be very heavy going.

You are likely to have to cope with extra responsibility without immediate recognition for your efforts, although perseverance will pay off in the long term.

As far as health is concerned, any problems you have mean that your lifestyle needs to be looked at and improved and discipline in this area will also pay off eventually.

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